New Community Events

On Mothers Day, May 14, 2017 the Baltimore Symphony Musicians will make two special appearances in the Baltimore community.

From 1-3pm, the Baltimore Symphony Musicians will perform in various chamber ensembles at this year’s 2017 Decorators’ Show House, Mayfair.

“The Musicians are excited to visit Mayfair, perform for the visitors, and thank the Baltimore Symphony Associates for their tireless efforts,” says Baltimore Symphony oboist and event organizer Michael Lisicky. “There may be no better way to spend Mothers Day!”Lisicky adds, “Come by and support a good cause. The Symphony Musicians will be happy to meet you. We are also honored to play a role in this wonderful tradition by the Associates, some of the BSO’s greatest champions.”

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From 2-5:30 pm an ensemble of Chinese/American Baltimore Symphony Musicians will lend their talents to a gathering of Johns Hopkins medical professionals.

Bo Li, Fei Xie, Lin Ma, Qing Li and Yao Guang Zhai are featured in a free concert for members of the Chinese Association for Medical Professionals. Founded in Baltimore, CAMP is a non-governmental organization with the mission of advancing education, research, and patient care in China and the US through collaborations between medical professionals and institutions in both countries.

We are proud of these talented musicians and their commitment to building a relationship between the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and the Asian community.

The concert is at Turner Auditorium, 720 Rutland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21205 from 2-5:30 pm

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