Mary C. Bisson


What is your name, instrument or instruments and number of years in the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Mary Bisson, Third Horn, 33 years

What will the Baltimore Symphony leave behind in its next 100 years?
A legacy of wonderful Music and an asset to the city and state.

Who or what inspires you?
The music we play inspires me. Music is a balm to my soul.

If you had to do something other than be a Baltimore Symphony Musician, what would you do for a living?
I think I always wanted to be a singer/songwriter. Also, I would love to do something with animals. I love animals.

Where is your favorite get-away spot or favorite get-away companion and why?
My favorite get-away spot is our house in Vermont, that we built with our own hands, my wife, Karen and I .

Where would people be surprised to find you? or What would people be surprised to find out that you like to do?
I like walking in the woods with our dogs in Vermont. I also like to cook and to read. I USED to fly airplanes. I got my pilots license many years ago. But I don’t do that anymore.

What piece of music do you feel like was written for you? or What piece of music do you wish you had written?
Any of the Brahms Symphonies.

What or who influenced you to be a professional musician?
My mother loved the horn and wanted me to play it. Also My 7th grade music teacher. My first horn teacher as well.

What do you like to do with your ”me time”?
Read, read, read.